I am honored to dedicate my poetry in English and in Spanish to the world,
and specially in these difficult times that we have, knowing that my
experiences since my early childhood has solutions for today’s world.
I know that we are looking for progress in our lives, and also to live in
peace, and prosperity and overall to live healthy and overcome all the
challenges and bring solutions to these challenges as thinkers, and
scholars, and as part of the populace.
I was born in Guatemala and my parents were business people and taught
me that prayer should start at the beginning of the day. I went through a
measles epidemic when I was a child at school, and doctors were sent to
the homes of all the children that had the measles to make sure that we
were staying home in quarantine. My parents were called and I was healed
through an instantaneous prayer from my dad, and the measles
disappeared and the doctor said that it was a miracle. I had other healing
experiences including a medical operation that did not take place due to a
spiritual healing. I mention all of this since the world is encountering a
pandemic experience with the coronavirus, and also in my poetry I include
my thoughts in an artistic way.
I support the protection of our environment since I believe that it is our
duty to protect what God has given us and to not be destructive to flora
and fauna. I have a sister Vida Amor de Paz who was the woman of the
year and environmentalist of the year who also wrote a book and we
learned through our parents to protect and love the world in which we live
and my poetry does include in an artistic way many facets of it.
In my childhood I also experienced situations that I have felt should be
resolved such as to stop hateful issues such as disputes between
Christians and Muslims and others and in my poetry I bring solutions to
these world needs. I also address homelessness, drug abuse, abuse of the
elderly, and many other worldly problems through a poetic approach of
what needs to be done.
The title of my first poem Omnipresent Love internationally awarded with a first prize in Spanish and translated into English includes my work of art to share with each one of you and to bless mankind.