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I am honored to dedicate my poetry in English and Spanish to the world and specially in these
difficult times that we have . I know that my experiences that I have had since my early childhood
have given me solutions for many of the challenges that our world faces today.
I support the protection of the environment since I believe that it is our duty to protect what God
has given us, and not to to be destructive to flora and fauna; and that wars between humans should
be resolved in a peaceful and cordial way.
I also address homelessness, drug abuse, abuse of the elderly , and to prayerfully resolve hateful
issues between religions through diplomatic negotiations.
My poetry includes all of the above presented artistically in my poem Art Sublime. I have also
shared my poetry in the past with, and with the National Library of Poetry, and in
Guatemala with other poets in Arcón de Poesía and El Pensador.
Today the world needs not chemical or nuclear warfare nor any warfare but consciously to pray
in a mental environment of peace, and love, and sincerity in the Omnipresence of God´s love.